Heaven Hotel

Visual Design


This was a passion project. Imagine being able to begin construction on your piece of Heaven. What would that look like?

I haven’t begun to think about what my Heaven looks like.


Heaven Hotel is a project where I envision a large hotel amongst the stars and other planets. This hotel is filled with loved ones and fun filled activities.


Adobe Photoshop, Google, Heaven Bible Scriptures


Images Used

The images used were found by doing a google search for Las Vegas hotels, galaxy and cemetery art. I used Adobe Photoshop to compose the resulting image.

I chose the Aria Hotel because it seemed simple and elegant. The galaxy image conveys a sense of the hotel being above earth. The clouds added a dramatic flair to the scene, making it seem as if the hotel was floating on top of the clouds. And finally, the stone angel represents Heavenly protection and Heaven branding.

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